Al Pacino Met With Marvel’s Kevin Feige But We Shouldn’t Get Our Hopes Up

Back in September, Al Pacino sort of shocked us all when he admitted that not only did he take his kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy, but he absolutely loved it. As Pacino pointed out to MTV’s Josh Horowitz this week, people shouldn’t have really been surprised, because Guardians is a flat out awesome movie. However, what was most interesting about the revelation was that Pacino said that he’d be down to take on a role in Kevin Feige’s incredible Marvel Universe, so long as the part was right for him and he was right for the part. Or, more accurately, if he understood whatever the hell it is that they’re pushing on him.

That was hardly the big news from Horowitz’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, though. It turns out that Pacino’s hypothetical ramblings have become somewhat of a reality, because he already had a meeting with Feige.

“Why wouldn’t I like a movie like that? Why wouldn’t I appreciate a movie like that?” he said. “I’m not necessarily going to be in it, but at the same time, there’s value to it, and you can see it.”

He’s not necessarily going to be in a Marvel movie, but Pacino has met with the studio. Asked whether or not he thinks anything will come from his meeting with Feige, Pacino said, “I would imagine either there’s something he feels is right for me, or…”

…and then Pacino’s phone started to ring, interrupting the revelation. “Every time we talk about Marvel, that’s what happens,” he laughed. (Via MTV)

Oh Pacino, you sly devil. Again, it’s pretty hard to picture Pacino showing up in a Marvel film, but he’d probably make a pretty awesome voice for Kronos or Eternity. Imagine his voice coming out of Galactus’s giant helmet as he’s about to swallow a planet, or maybe he could make an appearance as the Stranger, shouting at the other cosmic entities about how Thanos needs to be stopped. Feige could cast Robert DeNiro, too, and they could play Master Order and Lord Chaos. Hell, let the guy play Mephisto as John Milton from Devil’s Advocate. Let’s just get this done already so we can be one step closer to having every actor alive in a comic book movie.