Amanda Seyfried too prude for exposed beav

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Amanda Seyfried is currently busy shooting Lovelace, a biopic about a lady famous for shoving giant penises down her throat, but despite that, Seyfried, who has already done topless scenes in Chloe (ahem), says she’ll never do “full frontal.”

PRUDE ALERT, PRUDE ALERT! (*rings bell, adds more Everclear to jungle juice*) Well la di da, Princess Too Cool to Free Muff. What do you think, Burnsy, should we let her into the party? Seems like she might be too uptight to enjoy it.

Amanda Seyfried covers Glamour’s March 2012 issue and opens up about her personal life, competing with other twenty-something actresses for roles and why she’ll probably never go full-frontal for a film — even for one about a porn star.

“What surprised me is the amount of pubic hair!” she said about watching “Deep Throat” while researching her title role in the upcoming “Linda Lovelace” biopic. “I’m pretty sure I would never do a full frontal in a movie — for personal reasons, I wouldn’t really want to show that.” [HuffPo]

Aw, c’mon, baby, don’t be so uptight. A crotch possum is a beautiful thing. Now, excuse me if this sounds overly highbrow, but you’d think if you’re going to portray the star of Dogf*cker, you wouldn’t be so stingy with your beef biscuit. Wear a merkin if you have to! Heck, that’s what old Strawberry Merkin did. (Note: Strawberry Merkin is what I call Rooney Mara). And now look at her, she’s all respectable-like, collecting award nominations hand over beaver. I’m telling you, dropping her panties was the best thing she ever did, a mustache ride to Oscar city. Her pube shake brought all the toys to the yard. You want a statue, you gotta let that kitty breathe.

It works the opposite for men, but that’s Fassbender‘s problem. It’s a sad, sexist world we live in.

[set pic via TheSuperficial]

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