Weird Trivia: The business cards in ‘American Psycho’ had typos in them

Here’s a weird piece of trivia: it seems you and I were too busy noticing the subtle raised lettering, the Silian Rail text, the subtle off-white coloring, and my God, is that a watermark? …to see the obvious, that the American Psycho business cards misspelled “acquisitions” as “aquisitions,” over and over.

This discovery has been credited to Twitter user “nycSouthpaw.” Is there a Nobel Prize in movie trivia?

For the last 13 years, it seems no one realized that the word “acquisitions” is misspelled on not one, but three business cards in the corporate version of a penis-measuring contest in “American Psycho.” Last week, a Twitter user finally noticed the error after seeing a gif from the film used in an unrelated post on BuzzFeed. [HuffPo]

(*pushes glasses up nose*) Actually, it’s misspelled on at least four cards, probably five. Four cards in this scene – Bateman, Bryce, Van Patten, and Paul Allen’s – and probably five altogether, if you include the Lewis Carruthers scene later in the movie, though it’s too pixelated to read in the YouTube version I saw.

Oh, and that’s not all. I also discovered something crazy. 555? That’s not even a real phone number! I tried it, and they’re all fake. What gives? Also, what the heck is a “telex?” If you ask me, the only psycho here is the production designer.