Angry Man Sort Of Quotes Kindergarten Cop During Backyard Argument

Because FilmDrunk is your home for the world’s most in-depth coverage of all things related to the Cinematic act, we stay abreast of all of the backyard fights where someone sort of quotes a movie. The latest example was recently uploaded to YouTube by a neighbor of the arguers. You know how you sometimes overhear just a small snippet of other peoples’ arguments or conversations and become desperately curious as to what could’ve possibly led them to that point? Yeah, this is kind of like that.

“I am NOT PMS-ing!” you can hear a man shout. “I don’t have a vagina! But YOU DO! I! Have! A PENIS! You have a vaGINA!”

If you ever want to watch an entire film based solely on overhearing a neighbor’s strange argument, I recommend Shut Up Little Man, about two guys who went to find out the truth about the two neighbors they’d secretly recorded and passed around tapes of many years earlier (we also had them on the Frotcast).

And of course, there’s also the Kindergarten Cop angle. But while we can argue the proper movie reference until we’re blue in the balls, I think we can all agree that the dog’s reaction is comedic perfection. I defy you to find a dog with better comedic timing than this, he’s like the George Burns of dogs! He should probably be cut with audio of every loud argument, starting with Mel Gibson and Donald Sterling.

[via Reddit, DeathandTaxes]