Anna Kendrick Strips To Her Bra And Sings Love Songs In ‘The Last 5 Years’

I’m allergic to musical theater (it gives me the jazz hands), but I’ve heard plenty of theater folks equally cynical about musicals swear up and down that The Last 5 Years is pretty great. I can’t confirm nor deny, but the trailer for the Richard LaGravanese-directed film version of the play (written by Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown) does have Anna Kendrick singing in a yellow bra, which is certainly relevant to my interests (I moonlight as a door-to-door bra salesman).

It features Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in the story of a marriage that begins as the marriage is ending, leaps back to the beginning, and then follows the story both backwards (through the songs she sings) and forwards (through the ones he sings). They cross over in the middle at their wedding. [NPR]

To this I would add that, in my professional opinion, Anna Kendrick is super pretty. Though I would’ve cast a schlubbier actor in the lead, makes her seem more relatable. I bet Josh Gad was available.

Opens February 13th.