‘Not Another Sundance Movie’ Is The Perfect Indie Movie Parody

I’ve been saying for years that indie films are as cliché and predictable in their own way as the superhero action films they purport to be rebelling against. The problem is that when any market gets too small, you start having to cater the cabal of fundamentalists who care enough to keep it afloat, whose tastes are obnoxiously specific (see also: horror). In any case, the comedy group Tastes Funny has put their money where my mouth is, and tried to cram as many indie clichés as they could into one fake trailer for Not Another Sundance Movie.

If you don’t enjoy title cards like this, we probably couldn’t hang out:

Obviously they drew pretty heavily on Beasts of the Southern Wild, but I also enjoyed the “car freak out” scene and the “couple hanging out underneath the covers.” I thought it could’ve used more “protagonist running for some reason” and “people relaxing somewhere unconventional after a breakdown” or an artsy suicide set to classical music or two, but otherwise pretty great.