Another winner starring 50 Cent

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03.23.11 12 Comments

"To numbing our shame."

It was just the other week we saw the trailer for the film where 50 Cent plays a football player stricken with cancer, and already we’ve been blessed with another Fiddy vehicle, this time co-starring Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe, written and directed by stuntman Mike Gunther (STUNTMAN MIKE!).  As it turns out, there’s a good reason for so many 50 Cent movies coming out, that reason being that Fiddy made a 10-picture, $200 million dollar deal between Hedge Fund Film Partners and his production company, Cheetah Vision, which sounds like a strip club.  And so far, their movies look exactly like what you’d expect from a production company that sounds like a strip club.

This one’s called SetUp, and it’s basically a rip-off of The Town, but set in Detroit, which I guess is the idealized, blue-collar capital of ancestral towneyism for black people that Boston is for whitey.  All you really need to know about the plot is that in the banner picture, Willis offers Fiddy a toast, saying, “To crime.”

To crime indeed. Because this is a movie about crime, you see. This basically like if in Any Given Sunday, Jamie Foxx had reached his hand into the huddle and said, “Okay, guys, ‘Football’ on three, ready? One two three FOOTBALL!”  It’s a shame they don’t give out Oscars for being painfully on the nose.

[via Vulture]

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