Arnold’s Not Messing Around In The New Red Band Trailer For ‘Sabotage’

02.07.14 4 years ago 28 Comments


If you were under the impression that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s retirement from politics and subsequent unretirement from acting were just going to lead to a bunch of terrible-but-charming over-the-top action throwbacks like The Last Stand and Escape Plan, this red band trailer for Sabotage is going to make you forget all about that. Directed and written by David Ayer (with Skip Woods as a co-writer), Sabotage has Ayers’s gritty police action and suspense trademark all over it – he wrote and directed End of Watch and wrote Training Day – but this sucker looks like it was injected with 10 different types of rhino steroids.

Arnold plays John “Breacher” Wharton, the head of an elite DEA strike force that takes down a ruthless drug kingpin, and soon finds himself and his unit the targets of revenge. All because someone stole a measly $10 million from the cartel. Whatever happened to forgive and forget?

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