Arrested Development Is Happening

“Arrested Development” creator Mitch Hurwitz recently did a few interviews and he once again answered questions regarding a potential Arrested Development movie and once again we’re all getting our hopes up for no real reason. Hurwitz claims that he has finally started working on a script for the film and his ambition is to have the project shot, wrapped and released by the end of 2011. IMDB has the release listed as 2012, though, so maybe there’s something to this, after all.

Of course, David Cross has said it’s not happening and Michael Cera supposedly couldn’t take time away from prancing to reprise his role as George-Michael Bluth, but British comedian Peter Serafinowicz recently boasted that he accepted a role in the film and Ron Howard told MTV that Hurwitz’s focus on his string of canceled TV shows was the real delay. But the Huffington Post hears “from the horse’s mouth” that it’s on. Funny, I didn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker was involved.

*slaps Chareth and Danger on the ass*

“But I don’t like to toy with the affections of our fans,” he said. “They’ve been so supportive and we’re so grateful, so I kind of hate to answer the question until I can say, ‘Yep, we’ve shot it, it opens next week’. Otherwise it feels like we’re toying with people and we do not mean to do that. It has just taken a while to get it going.” (Huffington Post)

I’m not upset about the “toying with” us aspect as much as I just want this movie to happen and be awesome and make me scream, “CHAW-CHEE-CHAW-CHEE-CHAW” at one of my friends when he won’t do a shot with me. I’m a simple man with simple needs.