Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic is called "jOBS"

As soon as Steve Jobs died, everyone wanted to make a biopic, including, reportedly, Aaron Sorkin, whose version will undoubtedly end with Jobs recanting on his death bed, sorry he ever helped inadvertently invent those meanie blogs (“No, seriously: I have a blog??!?”). Oh, but there’s another Steve Jobs biopic, independently financed by a guy who makes real estate textbooks and starring noted thespian Ashton Kutcher. It may or may not have been rushed into production to beat the other one, and oh, according to ScreenRant and CultofMac, the actual title is “jOBS.”

No way this is real, right? This seems less like a real movie than it does a hypothetical idea for a movie to use in an iMovie tutorial.  I’m counting down the days until a rights issue forces them to re-write Kutcher’s character as Steep Occupations, revolutionary inventor of the I-Mod. This is the Jackie Jormp-Jompest thing I’ve ever seen.

[pics via X17]