Beardless Jon Snow Goes To WWI With AVA In The ‘Testament Of Youth’ Trailer


Game of Thrones is just about the biggest cultural phenomenon on the planet right now, but other than Peter Dinklage, it still hasn’t produced a real breakout star. Jon Snow, aka 28-year-old British actor Kit Harington, makes his bid to become one in director James Kent’s Testament of Youth, a World War I period piece. Alt title: You Know Nothing About The Horrors Of Mechanized Warfare, Jon Snow. Harington’s effort will be somewhat complicated by the fact that he kind of looks like a tool without his beard.

Look at this little lord fauntleroy, he looks like a braided belt salesman.

Based on Vera Brittain’s memoir, the film takes place during World War I and stars Alicia Vikander (“Ex Machina”) as a woman who drops out of Oxford to become a war nurse after her fiancé (Harington), brother and friends are sent to the front lines. It could make a welcome feminist-friendly respite during the hot summer months. “Testament of Youth” opens in limited release on June 5th before expanding. [ThePlaylist]

Vikander, of course, is the 26-year-old Swedish actress I fell in love with in Ex Machina. Poor Kit Harington, I wonder if he’s worried at all about being typecast as “Guy Who Dates Really Hot Chicks.” Take it from me, that kind of thing can haunt you your whole career.