Beardless Jon Snow Goes To WWI With AVA In The ‘Testament Of Youth’ Trailer

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Game of Thrones is just about the biggest cultural phenomenon on the planet right now, but other than Peter Dinklage, it still hasn’t produced a real breakout star. Jon Snow, aka 28-year-old British actor Kit Harington, makes his bid to become one in director James Kent’s Testament of Youth, a World War I period piece. Alt title: You Know Nothing About The Horrors Of Mechanized Warfare, Jon Snow. Harington’s effort will be somewhat complicated by the fact that he kind of looks like a tool without his beard.

Look at this little lord fauntleroy, he looks like a braided belt salesman.

Based on Vera Brittain’s memoir, the film takes place during World War I and stars Alicia Vikander (“Ex Machina”) as a woman who drops out of Oxford to become a war nurse after her fiancé (Harington), brother and friends are sent to the front lines. It could make a welcome feminist-friendly respite during the hot summer months. “Testament of Youth” opens in limited release on June 5th before expanding. [ThePlaylist]

Vikander, of course, is the 26-year-old Swedish actress I fell in love with in Ex Machina. Poor Kit Harington, I wonder if he’s worried at all about being typecast as “Guy Who Dates Really Hot Chicks.” Take it from me, that kind of thing can haunt you your whole career.