Avengers Schmaschmengers, ‘The Amazing Bulk’ looks legit

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04.19.12 24 Comments

I know Morton already covered this in his Mid-Week Guide to DVD and Streaming, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it. New, from the director of Ghost Dog: A Detective Tail and the producer of Metal Man (guess what that’s a rip-off of!) comes THE AMAZING BULK, new on DVD this week. (I enjoy that they seem to have thought calling it “The Incredible Bulk” might get them sued).

DID YOU KNOW: You can shoot an entire sci-fi action film using only a garage, a green screen, and basic knowledge of animation? It’s true!

The future is now, friends.

“What the hell is that??”


A+ dialog, that.

LOKI: I have an army.
(*cut to shot of badly CGI’d purple ogre with his dong hanging out*)

Another fun wrinkle – this video was actually uploaded to YouTube by the director himself, leading to fun comment exchanges like this:

I honestly thought this was a fake trailer!
Pinhead554 2 days ago

Nope, it’s legit. The film was released on DVD today. You can purchase a copy from Amazon
lewschoen in reply to Pinhead554 2 days ago

is this a joke??
Joraulpema123 1 week ago

Well it’s a parody of comic book movies.
lewschoen in reply to Joraulpema123 1 week ago

Just like how The Room is a “parody”, right?
Bagheadman in reply to lewschoen 2 days ago

Why don’t you see my movie first before you make judgements based on a trailer that is less than 2 minutes long?
lewschoen in reply to Bagheadman 1 day ago

AWWWWW SNAP! I believe him. All will be made clear once you buy the DVD from Amazon.

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