Awesome Mash-Up Alert: Twilight Plus Slapshot

As you may have gleaned from the previous post, the new Twilight Breaking Dawn trailer just hit, and for the next few days, it’s sure to be the subject of many mash-ups. Hell, Seltzer/Friedberg already made a whole movie about it. Much like my cousin Stevie on the jungle gym, Twilight is what we call “low-hanging fruit.”

As such, you expect the mash-ups to be lame and predictable. George C. Scott made to watch. Hitler complaining about the plot. Some idiotic LOL cat thing. But this… this is a god damn revelation. Why didn’t anyone think of using Slapshot before now? God that is an awesome movie. And I can say that with near complete certainty, because I’d never seen it until a few years ago. Most comedy gets dated incredibly fast — you try to introduce someone new to movies that were considered universally hilarious when they came out, say, There’s Something About Mary or (and I hate to say it) Blazing Saddles, and a lot of it doesn’t quiiiite translate if you weren’t there to see it in its time. But I saw Slapshot 30 years removed and it was still hilarious. And you know you can trust me, because I’m a handsome scientist. (*spills test tube on bare chest, winks, trips over coffee table*)

[Thanks to JoBlo for the video. Sorry for saying you sucked that one time.]