Awesome Picture: Hunter Thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp & a Blow-Up Doll

03.09.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

I don’t care whether this qualifies as news or not, because it’s awesome. It’s a picture of Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack, and Johnny Depp riding around in a convertible with a blow-up doll.  Remember when Hunter took off to Las Vegas in search of the American Dream?  There was no need.  It was right here all along.  Right here in this picture.  Also, I know they stink, they’re expensive, they rot your teeth, they give you wrinkles, and they’re bad for you, but can any person honestly deny that cigarettes are really f*cking cool? [pic via IheartChaos]

ADDITIONAL NON-TIMELY TRIVIA: In a recent interview, Cameron Crowe said that in the boombox scene in Say Anything, the song John Cusack was playing was actually “Bonin’ in the Boneyard” by Fishbone.

John Cusack is playing Fishbone’s ‘Bonin’ in the Boneyard’ in the actual scene, but when we put the movie together, it didn’t work at all. He seemed like a crazed Fishbone fan who just happened to be outside her window.

Yep, that’s pretty weird.

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