Awesome Twilight Fan Art & Morning Links

Aw, that’s exactly like my Twilight fan art. Some solid Photoshop work there too. -Thanks to Eibmoz for the tip.

A-List Time Travel: Your Favorite Celebrities Re-Imagined in Different Eras |UPROXX|

This Is Art. Jersey Shore Performance Art |Warming Glow|

Walmart Closes MP3 Store, Nobody Cares |Smoking Section|

The Best Athletes and Other Stars from the 2011 Teen Choice Awards |With Leather|

Of Course There’s an Iron Man Porn Parody |Gamma Squad|

PICTURED: Al Pacino as Phil Spector.

Someone made a naked statue of Selena Gomez and J-Biebzz. |TheSuperficial|

David Thorne has a new post up. I haven’t read it yet, but really, do I need to? |27bSlash6|

I agree with Jeremy Irons and his stance on women’s bottoms. |Videogum|

Here’s Gia Maria McCool almost naked. I bet those are totally real. |GorillaMask|

They’re making a cologne out of Patton. Hope it smells like the guts I use to grease the treads of my tanks. |HolyTaco|

Jon Stewart rips on Newsweek for their dumb cover picture. |TheDailyWhat|

The story behind the giant inflatable rat at union protests. |MentalFloss|

When Bad Movies Happen to Good Actors |FARK|

Pop Culture’s 20 Greatest Dancing GIFs |Pajiba|

5 Ludicrous Jurassic Park Movie Vehicle Toys |Topless Robot|

Why Religious People Are Nerds |College Humor|

10 Famous Fictional Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People |Buzzfeed|

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