Baby Goose broke up a street fight with half a hug

Drive still isn’t out for another few weeks, but Huggalos (that’s fans of Ryan Gosling) rejoice, because today we’ve got video of him breaking up a street fight in New York. Two guys in a crosswalk on St. Marks Place in Manhattan were about to fight, with one guy about to smash the other with a canvas “because [one] had paintings, and [the other] must’ve took one without paying”, according to the narrator. That’s when that adorable drink of melted pancake butter Baby Goose shows up out of nowhere like the cuddly Batman and defuses the situation with the power of half a hug. That’s all he needed. TRUE STORY: A full hug from Ryan Gosling could cure cancer. “Don’t be angry, girl, I think your paintings are super neat.”

“Hey, girl. The constitution gave me the right to bare arms, but the hugs we share are between us.”

“It’s okay to be mad, girl. When I’m upset, I just count to ten and rub Patches’ tummy.”

“Ignore the car horns, girl, we’re having a moment.”

“Hey girl, it’s time to put the ‘art’ in heart.”

“Hey girl, I made you a turkey by tracing my hand.”

“Hey girl, the only thing hitting the canvas should be your creativity.”

“If everyone’s friends now I say we go out for smores.”

[TheoJones via Buzzfeed – thanks to Burnsy for a few one-liners]