Baby Goose gave his special lady a gift certificate

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09.30.11 22 Comments

Ryan Gosling, who most recently made psychopathy huggable in Drive, made headlines this week when he gave his special lady, Eva Mendes a gift certificate (because that’s the kind of thing In Touch reports on) to a restaurant he co-owns. Wait, what?

The Drive actor has gifted his new love, Eva Mendes, 37, with free food – for life – in the form of a VIP card for Tagine, the Moroccan restaurant that he co-owns.
“Eva and Ryan are both foodies, so he surprised her with the unlimited gift certificate,” a friend of the actor tells In Touch.
“He’s looking for something permanent, and he’s hoping that he has found it with Eva. She’s everything he wants.” [InTouch via Celebitchy]

As Dan Hopper at BestWeekEver points out, a gift certificate generally isn’t the greatest gift, and hey, if he owns the restaurant, wouldn’t she be eating there for free anyway? Those are understandable questions. As an Exalted Carebear of Huggalo Nation (I was recently promoted), I feel it’s my duty to explain. See, people are reading too much into this “gift” thing. Baby Goose just really likes giving gift certificates. Gift certificates for hugs, gift certificates for three free foot massages, complimentary dog walking, buy one smooch get one free, three compliments for the price of one — he was going to do all that stuff anyway, a gift certificate is just a super neat excuse to write a personalized note.

“Here, girl, I got us I front row seats to the double-dutch match down the street. I drew them myself.”

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