YAY, Baby Goose went to the zoo!

“Hey, Okapi.  I know giraffes get all the press, but I think you’re pretty special too.  I wrote a ukulele song about your zebra legs.  Haha, stop licking me, Okapi, that tickles!”
So Ryan Gosling visited the zoo in Cincinnati, and the photographers unforgivably failed to capture a picture of Baby Goose with a baby goose.  On the plus side, I no longer need Photoshop to imagine what Baby Goose would look like with a sloth. Would you like to see the rest of the pictures?  Haha, come with me, girl!

“Hey, penguin, I hear you like ice and snow.  Haha, I’m from Canada, let’s be best friends!”
“Hey, Sloth, is that mold on your fur?  Super neat!”
“Hey, Mr. Rhino, here’s an apple.  Now will that be cash or CHARGE?  Haha, I bet you get that all the time.”
“Hey, Elephant, wanna help me remember my lines?  Haha, I brought you some peanuts.  I’m allergic, but I know they’re your favorite.”
“Oh, Mrs. Bird, your feathers are so pretty.  Will you be my prom date?”
FACT: After Charlie Sheen melts your face off and explodes your body, Ryan Gosling is the drug you take to heal.
[pictures via Buzzfeed]