Back to the Future, the photo series

This is from a project called Back to the Future, by Buenos Aires photography Irene Werner, in which she had people recreate childhood photographs.  It’s pretty awesome. |Pondly via PaulScheer|


Are children out to kill us all? |

“Paula Deen riding things” is my new favorite thing. |WarmingGlow|

The Craziest Moments Of The 2011 Tokyo Marathon. |WithLeather|

That robot seal can ball. |GammaSquad|

What the hell is Michelle Rodriguez wearing?  You can’t just throw a slip dress on over a wrestling singlet, dude, trust me on this one.

25 ideas for Human Centipede 2. |HolyTaco|

Someone’s idea for a commercial: cats with thumbs. Give him a raise. |TheDailyWhat|

The Fonz joining Kevin James’ MMA comedy, Mixed Martial Farts. |ScreenJunkies|

Anne Hathaway hates James Franco now. Aw, sad dicknose : 3==> (  |TheSuperficial|

Reader email: My girlfriend has a snake in her butt. |BarstoolSports|

A flipbook of Shannon Marie stripping down to her hand bra. |GorillaMask|

When hip hop and movies collide. |UnrealityMag|

8 movie stars as animated characters. |NextMovie|

Brainwaves are the new focus groups. |MovieFone|

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