Fox Has Suffered A Setback With The ‘Avatar’ Clothing Line

It will only be a matter of time before James Cameron sees that everyone involved with the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board is locked away in his top secret dungeon at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, now that they have ruled that 20th Century Fox’s proposed Avatar clothing line name, Pandorapedia, is too close to that of another company that already exists. According to Deadline, the TTAB put the kibosh on the Pandorapedia name because it might be confused with Pandora Sportswear, although I’m sure that anyone wearing Avatar clothes won’t be mistaken for an athlete.

So what kind of clothes will you soon be able to dress your child in for the sake of giving Cameron more money to build his own private Pandora?

If the registration had been approved, there would have been a lot of Avatar gear out there. Looking toward the upcoming trio of Avatar sequels, Fox’s Pandorapedia line was set to include “shirts; pants; shorts; underwear; boxer shorts; hats; caps; sweatshirts; sweaters; skirts; gloves; socks; shoes; boots; coats; jackets; swimwear; belts; scarves; pajamas; slippers; infant wear; hosiery; Halloween and masquerade costumes and masks,” according to its initial application. (Via Deadline)

Avatar swimwear? Hosiery? Boxer shorts? To learn more about this incredible array of Avatar products, I reached out to Fox’s head of merchandising.