The New Documentary ‘Banksy Does New York’ Is Available On HBO Go RIGHT NOW

HBO has been coming strong with the documentaries lately, and now they’re following up Alex Gibney’s Mr. Dynamite with Banksy Does New York, which, of course, is about the time the artist Banksy had sex with all of New York. Billing itself as “a user-generated documentary,” director Chris Moukarbel cobbles together clips and pictures from social media to tell the story of Banksy’s one month “residency” in New York in October 2013, which is great because I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to combine high art with people shouting “WORLD STAR!”. Banksy Does New York premieres on HBO Monday, November 17th, at 9 PM, or you can just watch it on HBO Go right now, preferably while giving a spirited double middle finger to Comcast.

Unless you’re also using them for internet service. Oh God dammit.