New Banksy graffiti causes pathetic LA girl fight

I know, I know, if I write one more Banksy post this week I’ll have to start wearing those big headphones everywhere I go and get my ears pierced with those plug thingies that make you look like Chief Fresh Beats of the Amazon Tribe.  I can’t help it, he’s everywhere.  The latest: Banksy supposedly tagged up the billboard you see above a few nights ago.  The billboard company had it taken down (right), at which point a physical fight (kind of) broke out over the artwork. 

Said Banksy, “I wanted to show that art can bring out the worst in people, so I went to Los Angeles.”  (Not really, but maybe).

A billboard company just ripped down a Sunset Blvd. sign that had been tagged by Academy Award nominee Banksy — just a few short days after the legendary graffiti artist touched it up in the first place.
The Mickey Mouse inspired artwork — which mysteriously appeared a few days ago — was just taken down … but no one at the scene will tell us why. [Probably because it was covering the ad, dipsh*t -Ed.]
We’re told employees at the gas station directly below the billboard offered to pay $10,000 for the artwork — but the billboard company refused.
UPDATE: A physical altercation just broke out over the sign — cops have responded to the scene. [TMZ]

“What?  Yeah, I have $10,000 in my car.  I’m just working at this gas station to prepare for a role.”  TMZ has video of the fight, which you can watch if you want to see a bald guy in a Porsche try to tickle a Mexican to death while a spike-haired douche in an xxxtreme t-shirt looks on yokelishly.  “Ay, my sides, guey!”  The bald guy keeps saying, “This is my property!”  Hmmm, I’m not sure you understand how Billboards work there, guy…

I do enjoy the dilemma for the Billboard company.  Banksy has covered up the ad someone paid you for, but now you own a Banksy that’s probably worth five times more.  Next time he should just fly over the city dropping buckets full of cash like The Joker.