Banthapug helps the Star Wars VII rumors go down

Not that I’m smart for making this obvious observation, but I knew as soon as the Disney-Lucasfilm deal went down and we found out a new Star Wars was coming out, that we’d be subjected to more asinine obsessive internet pieces about it than if Arrested Development had decided to do a bacon episode. Oh, the internet. “Star Wars” is basically Coca-Cola at this point, but that doesn’t stop people from loving it as if “it” were a kindly old uncle. GRRR, BRAND LOYALTY!

Luckily, I’ve got just the thing to help make these rumors and newsish tidbits palatable: Banthapug. As Robopanda points out, Banthapug is the pug formerly known as Wampug, owned by “Dr. Kristen Andrews, a ‘veterinarian by day and a Star Wars Geek by night’, who makes a costume for her pug Chubbs every year.” God bless you, Dr.

Now then, the rumors.

Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow has been “linked” to the project. Disney is apparently interested in Trevorrow, and according to a few sources, he’s already met with George Lucas. I haven’t seen Safety Not Guaranteed, though I’ve heard good things. My takeaway is that Disney is on the right track going after a guy who’s directed an acclaimed, low-budget indie rather than a guy who makes shiny perfume commercials (a la Snow White and the Huntsman).  Anyone can hire a good cinematographer to make it look cool, for a director you want a guy who can make a silly story believable. That said, if this rumor doesn’t change 12 times in the next month, I’ll tongue a gamer’s neckbeard. [Hitfix]

Carrie Fisher: “Damn right I wanna be in the new Star Wars!” Another actor from the original not allergic to money, good to know. Call me when you find out what Jake Lloyed thinks. [TMZ]

KEVIN SMITH ALSO HAS OPINIONS ABOUT STAR WARS! You’ll never believe this, but Kevin Smith is just a regular dude like the rest of us, who really “digs” Star Wars and sh*t. A fun Kevin Smith game to play is to drink every time he says “flick.” I kid, it’s actually a decent essay, probably because he actually managed to keep it under 1,000 words this time. Long story short, Kevin Smith thinks Star Wars VII should be a time-travel saga centered around Boba Fett because he misses his friend Pete. [THR]