Big Neo-Nazi Murder Trouble Is Brewing In The Trailer For ‘Bad Country’

It’s always a shame when a movie that looks delightfully cheesy doesn’t get its chance to make a few bucks in theaters, and that’s the kind of fate that I think we can safely expect for Bad Country, which marks Chris Brinker’s directorial debut. But this movie trailer has everything that gets my love of B movies flaring up, including bad facial hair, even worse accents, Nazi flags, Willem Dafoe being the best actor in a cast by default, Matt Dillon playing the same exact character that he always plays, Tom Berenger looking like Foghorn Leghorn, the guy who plays Fusco from Person of Interest, the wonderful Amy Smart, and, of course, Neal McDonough’s creepy, crystal blue gaze.

Also, I thought that Miles Teller was in Bad Country for a second, but it turns out that is Chris Marquette with the slicked-over hair looking like Teller’s older brother. It’s just good to know that if Teller is ever eaten by a bear or, you know, not cast in every movie, there’s someone who can readily take his place.

(H/T to /film)