Bill Murray will crash your karaoke party

A couple years ago, Bill Murray’s habit of crashing random house parties in Brooklyn spawned a feature in Page 6.  (And of course, there’s also the famous, possibly apocryphal story about him coming up behind people walking alone in central park, covering their eyes, and saying “Guess who,” and then when they turn around to see Bill Murray, whispering, “No one will ever believe you.”)  Point is, Bill Murray crashing peoples’ parties is nothing new.  But I guess him crashing private karaoke rooms is sorta new.  From TheChive:

I was sent these photo after Mike and his friends went out to have a few drinks at their local Karaoke bar, Karaoke One 7 in NYC. Shortly after their arrival, Mike noticed that a couple women had just walked into the place with a man that looked a lot like… Bill Murray?! The crew went out to confirm that the man, was in fact, Bill Murray himself. Mike’s friend even mustered the courage to invite Bill to chill in their room, but they just laughed it off. There’s no way that was going to happen.

I’ll let Mike take it from here:

“About 15 minutes later we get a knock on the door… IT’S BILL F@#KING MURRAY! We were all shocked of course but at that point we were already pretty trashed so the party just kept going. He was super nice and they all fit right in. His girl was really cute, and as far as i remember, from Amsterdam. She sang a bunch of random French songs!
At some point he bought us all a round of some weird green drink and wouldn’t tell us what it was. I later found out it was Chartreuse some French liqueur made by monks. Apparently you are supposed to sip it … like an idiot I just shot it down.
The high point was when Bill and I sang a duet of an Elvis song called, “Marie’s the Name.” Random I know, but so was the night. We were all drinking and dancing and screaming our asses off.
We tried not to make him feel uncomfortable though of course later we all joked about picking the Ghostbusters theme. Amazingly, they stuck around the entire night, about 4 hours. As you can imagine it was all pretty surreal. Something I will never ever forget…Viva Bill Murray!”

Who the hell sips Chartreuse?  Anyway, we all love Bill Murray stories, and I think it’s because he shows us that, rather than letting fame turn you into an egomaniac or a recluse or a Scientologist, there’s another possibility, the possibility that one might use celebrity for fun pranks and mischief.  I think it would be great if he’d roofied the Chartreuse.  I guarantee no one would be mad.  “Dude, did you see that? Bill Murray date raped my girlfriend!  BILL F**KING MURRAY!”