Blue Valentine director wanted to watch Baby Goose have sex

I still haven’t seen Blue Valentine yet, because although everyone who’s seen it tells me it’s good, the trailer gave me really bad ukulele flashbacks.  (Seriously, for the next month I’d break out in a cold sweat if I so much as smelled a soy chai).  Anyway, I guess it’s supposed to be good because they filmed it, like, totally method, totally guerilla style, to the point where director Derek Cianfrance wanted Baby Goose to go have sex with his onscreen wife Michelle Williams (they’re rumored to be dating).  Watch people have sex?  Who does he think he is, James Franco?

Cianfrance had Gosling and Michelle live together in their rural Pennsylvania house with their onscreen daughter (Faith Wladyka) and watched as they struggled with the real stresses of having to share a bathroom and do the dishes three times a day. Their grocery budget was based on Dean’s salary as a housepainter and Cindy’s a nurse (she never did become a doctor)– $200 every two weeks.

“Mundane domestic tasks have a way of really stagnating two people and deteriorating something that’s beautiful,” Cianfrance said.

He accelerated the relationship’s corrosion by starting off-screen fights between his actors. One night he told Gosling to go into Williams’ bedroom and try to make love to her. Gosling, soundly rejected, ended up sleeping on the couch. [HuffPo]

“Hey, girl… I was just talking to Derek, and he says he wants us to… no, no, the couch is super duper comfy, don’t even worry about it. In fact, we don’t mind it at all, do we, Patches!  …Haha, whatever you’re comfortable with, girl.”

I imagine making love to Baby Goose would be so gentle and considerate, you’d feel just like that girl sliding down a hill on an inner tube.  Exciting, but above all, safe.