The bootleg Spider-Man & Avengers trailers

A lot of people like to take a big moral stand on not posting leaked trailers, and I often don’t, simply out of the hope the studio will release the official version and I don’t have to post it twice. But in the case of the leaked Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers trailers, I’m sitting here realizing that I’ve already watched them, and isn’t it my job to seek out cool stuff and share it with you? Not to protect some studio’s marketing plan when they’re just sitting around dragging their feet on putting up an official version when millions of people have already seen the bootleg anyway? I guess it all depends on whether you consider a trailer “art” or “news.”  Spirited debate fodder, I’m sure, but for now let’s all just enjoy the kids in tight clothes punching stuff before it gets taken down. Obviously, the quality sucks, and obviously, it’ll look a lot better once we get an official version. How about it, Sony and Marvel.

[Embed above via JoBlo, you can still catch The Avengers trailer at Gizmodo]