Box Office News: America Hates Katy Perry

On Friday, I begged America to take a step in the right direction toward financial responsibility, and for the most part people listened. Katy Perry: Part of Me opened to a colossal fart noise, earning just $10 million. Overall, the film’s per screen average of $2,619 ranks it behind the previous concert “movies” released by Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana fingerblast, but since people generally don’t like concert movies at all, Ol’ Whip Cream boobs and her people can spin this poor opening into saying that she already has the 8th highest grossing music documentary of all-time. So good for her, I guess.

Aside from that, The Amazing Spider-Man was the big winner, grossing more than half of its $230 budget since opening on the 4th of July, and Seth MacFarlane’s Ted is the summer’s biggest surprise steamroller. That’s gotta be good enough for a Ted sequel and maybe even a spin-off TV show. But is America ready for a show about an obnoxious slacker with a talking pet? That’s a pretty big risk.

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(Via Box Office Mojo.)

Magic Mike pulled in another $15 million this weekend to put it at $72 million and change overall on a $7 million budget, and I keep mentioning this because thanks to Vince and Justin Halpern I’ve overcome my complaints about the “lazy ending” and accepted the film’s unhappy ending and message that nice guys do finish last. Realistically, Channing Tatum will soon be able to say that he starred in three $100 million movies this year. Channing Tatum. The guy who used to do this:

Think about that the next time your annoying Republicrat friends post on Facebook that the American dream is dead. Oh it’s alive, friends. Alive and shaking its burnt penis all up in our grills.