Breaking News: Bill Murray Finally Got A BlackBerry

I’ve never totally understood people who said they were above smartphones. They say it like they’re some sort of morally superior Saint of Recycling, dedicated to face-to-face conversation (snooze) and hideous energy-saving lightbulbs. Still, I have to applaud Bill Murray for finally branching out of his Luddite existence and purchasing the phone of (2002) phones, The BlackBerry.

According to Page Six, Murray was previously only reachable through some random 1-800 number (a producer talks about what that’s like here). From Murray:

“I got it to communicate with my sons, because they will not answer a phone call, but they will answer a text.”

How wonderful, how touching, and shameful. When I’m walking home late at night, I sometimes bust out my ten-year-old BlackBerry just so people know I have nothing worth stealing. Still, you’ve got to respect Murray for purchasing the most joyless of phones (though very easy on the thumbs) and admitting it openly in a Variety interview.

Useless chat messenger apps? Unreliable web browsing, somewhat vaginal ‘mouse’ buttons, leather cases? It’s ugly, useless, and embarrassing, and totally perfect for this pretty-perfect actor.