Brendan Fraser to star in fish-heist movie “Whole Lotta Sole”

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03.14.11 24 Comments

Furry Vengeance mega-star Brendan Fraser is poised to yet again redefine the high-concept comedy, by starring in a story about fish robbery called… wait for it… “Whole Lotta Sole.”

Mother of God, will this bow tie EVER stop spinning??

Brendan Fraser will topline comedic heist pic, produced by Jay Russell and directed by Terry George. Budgeted at about $5.5 million, “Sole” will shoot in Northern Ireland.
Script by George and Thomas Gallagher centers on a young man robbing a fish shop in order to pay off a gambling debt; the heist goes terribly — and humorously — awry when it turns into a hostage situation. Fraser will portray the shopkeeper, who’s on the run from his gangster father-in-law.

Did I mention it’s called “Whole Lotta Sole?” Your move, satire.  BUT WAIT!  We still haven’t reached the (*RECORD SCRATCH*) portion of the article!

George previously directed “Hotel Rwanda” from his own script and directed “Reservation Road.” [Variety]

(*banana peel, kazoo, slide whistle, Flintstones’ car coming to a halt*) On second thought, let’s not go to Hollywood. ‘Tis a silly place.  So the next time you’re thinking of snubbing Harvey Weinstein’s lunch invitation and your agent yells, “You screw this up and you’ll be directing… fish heist movies!  With… Brendan Fraser!”  Don’t think they’re just idle threats.  God, I can’t wait to hear the trailer announcer say “…from the director of Hotel Rwanda,” while a CGI fish dances to Willow Smith.

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