Bret Easton Ellis’ Agency Hires Lawyers in his Chinese Horse Fight with Nikki Finke

I’m not sure anyone really cares where Deadline’s Nikki Finke lives, so when American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis tweeted that they lived in the same building, the world collectively shrugged and went back to its hoagie. Everyone except Nikki Finke, who reportedly called Bret Easton Ellis’s agent at ICM and screamed at her assistant like she was in an Aaron Sorkin movie. Now ICM, according to the Hollywood Reporter (who, again, it should be noted, are arch enemies of Deadline), has hired “top litigators” to defend ICM, after Finke allegedly “told agents she will reveal their addresses, schools of their children, unless they cut ties with the star author.”

Multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that ICM Partners, the talent agency that represents Ellis, has hired litigation attorneys Howard Weitzman and Lawrence Iser to represent it in legal matters related to Finke, and the lawyers have fired off two separate letters to her website’s owner demanding that she stop harassing agency employees.

The letters, according to sources who have seen them, claim Finke has been calling various ICM partners demanding that the agency sever ties with Ellis and provide his contact information. Sources who have seen the cease-and-desist letters say the letters also claim that Finke has told top ICM employees she would reveal their home addresses and where their children go to school. Finke also is alleged in the letters to have told at least one agent that she would write things damaging to the agency on the Deadline blog that the agency’s executives believe to be false.

NIKKI FINKE IS DRUNK WITH POWER! THE POWER OF HAUGHTY BLOGS! I love the idea that she thinks she’s got the ultimate ace in the hole, the ability to reveal the addresses of a bunch of people that no one gives a sh*t about except Nikki Finke and like three other people. They’re celebrities’ flunkies, they’re not in the CIA.

“MWAHAHA! The DEADLINE is up! The reckoning is at hand! I shall now reveal the addresses of mine enemies!”

“What? Leave me alone, lady, I’m trying to pee. How did you even get in here?”

Also: ICM is one of the world’s largest talent agencies. You really think they have to “hire litigators?” That’s all they do. That’s like the custodial company hiring someone who cleans toilets. No need to brag about doing something you were already supposed to have been doing.