Bret Easton Ellis blesses American Psycho remake, addresses da haterzz

Few posts sparked the kind of outrage that broke out after I told you about Lionsgate’s plan to produce a remake of American Psycho set in modern-day New York, from a pitch by Noble Jones. Because it’s such a comment on 80s excess, people understandably have a hard time imagining American Psycho in any other era. Sources say one angry film lover even went so far as to call Lionsgate offices, telling the receptionist, “You f*cking ugly bitch. I want you to clean your vagina.”

In the meantime, it turns out that one person who’s okay with the idea is Bret Easton Ellis, who wrote the damned thing in the first place. Not many acclaimed novelists begin tweets with “haters beware,” but then not many novelists

Haters beware: I just had a long discussion with Noble Jones, the writer/director of the “new” American Psycho movie. His take is genuine…

Although he sounds like a black superhero, Noble Jones is actually a second unit director on The Social Network. (I think he might be this guy, but it’s unclear). Meanwhile, Easton tweeted earlier (seriously, dude loves twitter, and has even more opinions about movies than me) that his casting choice for Patrick Bateman was either Miles Fisher (who?) or Scott Disick. Yes, Scott Disick as in Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend. I don’t know whether he can act, but he’s certainly got the dressing-like-Patrick-Bateman part down. And if you ask me, any dude who shaves his pits is probably a serial killer.

Still, I hope Rampage Jackson in The A-Team has taught us all a valuable lesson about not casting people because they seem like a real-life version of the character.

UPDATE: This video is the reason he mentioned Miles Fisher, apparently. This post really brought out the Miles Fisher fans, and this is certainly the first time I’ve ever typed that phrase.