Britney Spears Jackass Sketch & Morning Links

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03.30.11 10 Comments

Continuing Jimmy Kimmel’s tradition of getting famous women to star in mediocre sketches, here’s Britney Spears doing the poo cocktail. |via DailyWhat|


Who’s the Dim Bulb In South Carolina? |Uproxx|

Megacon Megagallery of Cosplay Pictures (Part One). |GammaSquad|

Revamp & Release: 7 Potentially Great Black Keys Remixes. |TheSmokingSection|

Do Your Worst, Hollywood: 20 Terrible TV Shows That Have Yet to Be Made. |WarmingGlow|

Erection, Your Onion! A Guide to Grotesco’s Swedish Gibberish Parodies. |FilmDrunk|

The most terrifying sleepy dog face you will ever see. |TheDailyWhat|

Police cut hole in house to remove fat guy who’d been fused to a chair, which he hadn’t left in two years. Wow. |BostonBarstoolSports|

Pop Songs Made Creepy by the Movies. |Moviefone|

Drunk lady is good at alphabet. |GorillaMask|

PICTURED: via Butttown

Lindsay Lohan looks a Faces of Meth PSA. |WWTDD|

There’s just something about Brooklyn Decker that I like, you know? |TheSuperficial|

Eating sushi off naked chicks banned in China.  Commies. |Buzzfeed|

What your MMO says about you. |HolyTaco|

Shocker, Glee creator will not direct Willow Smith’s Annie movie. |ScreenJunkies|

Beer Wars Review: Why We Drink Piss. |Pajiba|

The Internet: Being Creepy Since 1992 |EgoTVOnline|

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