Bryan Cranston’s Post-Breaking Bad Career Begins With ‘Trumbo’

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09.19.13 14 Comments

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It looks like Bryan Cranston is hopping off the Emmy train and catching the next bus to Oscar Town, as Deadline reported that the Breaking Bad star’s first role in a post-Heisenberg era will be as arguably the most important screenwriter to have ever worked in Hollywood, Dalton Trumbo, in the biopic Trumbo. Somewhere, there’s a Los Angeles Angels outfielder who is pretty bummed right now.

A member of the United States Communist Party, Dalton Trumbo was eventually named as one of the “Hollywood 10,” which was a group of people in Hollywood called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities during that splendid time in America when everyone was terrified of something. Hold on, I’m being told that’s every time in America. Apologies. Regardless, Trumbo and the others refused to speak, so he was sent to prison in 1950 and blacklisted by every studio in Hollywood.

Trumbo would go on to write a number of films under pseudonyms, including Roman Holiday, which won an Academy Award in 1953 for Best Motion Picture Story, but since he was blacklisted, his friends got all the credit. Eventually, it came out that he was writing all of these movies and people were like, “Hey, maybe this blacklist is stupid.” And all was well.

While my rendition of this awful story of Hollywood’s dark past may be a little inaccurate, I am pretty positive that Trumbo danced in his underwear a lot, because otherwise Cranston wouldn’t be in this.

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