C-Tates Finally Gonna Get His Gay On

One of the the things we continually ponder around the FilmDrunk water cooler (filled to the brim with fresh vodka) is when Disney will make an animation with a gay main character. So far our bets have ranged between “never” and “never ever”, because we figured the hippies at Pixar were far more likely to tackle that particular topic. But now that Disney has swallowed Pixar whole, who knows, all bets are off.

Now Channing Tatum? We held out hope. The man has done everything for us, from dancing to dancing, and so it makes perfect sense that he’d be the man to break the gay ceiling on romcoms. Just think about it, so far we’ve only gotten the putrid I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and another film where at least one dude was same sex oriented in a film no one but me saw, Chuck and Buck. Which leaves zero romcoms about same sex couples, and even less movies without a “Chuck”. But the winds of change are a blowin’. Here’s the news, via those champions over at Cinemablend.

“The biggest news Feig dropped between courses was that he is in development on a Tatum-fronted romantic comedy, which he expects will turn the genre on its head. But before you start pondering which pretty starlet with share space on its poster, let me tell you it’s a gay rom-com.”

I know, right? This will be a winner, though we have to hope it shows a little more sensitivity than This is the End.

Director Paul Feig is the man behind this idea, and as he brought us The Heat, to my knowledge the only female buddy cop film ever, one can assume he’ll continue breaking new ground whilst also making us say, “ha ha, you made me laugh!”


This could be another one of those things a director mentions offhandedly in the hopes that a studio gives him a bunch of free money, ostensibly for cocaine, without any real plan or direction. Either way, pretty good news.