Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of ‘Mean Girls’ With Your Own ‘Fetch’ Bracelet

April 30 will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of Mean Girls, a film that was once referred to as “starring Lindsay Lohan and three other girls” and is now known as “starring Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, that other girl and whatsherface.” All these years and one terrible sequel later, the folks at Stella and Bow are making sure that you have a better way to remind everyone that the movie you loved as a teenager (or 20-something) has stuck with you well into your 20s (or 30s), as they will soon release a very special line of Mean Girls jewelry for you and your own gang of Plastics.

“Most all of our favorite movies have been capitalized upon, via clothing, home goods, fashion accessories, etc … except for Mean Girls,” Lauren Brokaw, who founded Stella and Bow in 2011 with Lindsey Lerman, tells Pret-a-Reporter. She says she notches the film on her list alongside Clueless and recently watched it again with her teenage niece. “For its 10th anniversary, we wanted to pay homage to our favorite movie, which has provided countless hours of entertainment and fun.” (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

But what about something for the guys? Perhaps a pendant that reads: “Lindsay Lohan vomited on me.” Because I’m willing to bet that there are a few real-life Aaron Samuels who can say that with plenty of shame.

Among the pieces you can purchase next month are the “Regina,” which is a bracelet that reads: “You can’t sit with us.” It’s perfect for any child aspiring to be a colossal C-word, ironically or not.

And the “Cady” Fetch bracelet. Something something stop trying to make Fetch jewelry happen.

Finally, there’s the “Ms. N” Best Bitches broken heart necklaces that I have already pre-ordered for Vince and I to wear.

$53.23 is a small price to pay to display sassy friendships.