Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Want You To Get Them Drunk

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11.21.13 2 Comments


For all we know, our boy Channing Tatum, AKA C-Tates, made that spoof of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Volvo ad just for shizzles and giggles, but its instant success and mad viral craziness, yo, have proven once again that he’s the hardest workin’ beeyotch in the $how biznasty. With 3.7 million hits and counting in just two days, Tatum wants to make sure that the viral insanity doesn’t end and this video ends up with more views than other classics like Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage” and 3rd Bass’s “Pop Goes the Weasel” combined*.

That’s why C-Tates issued the following challenge on his Facebook page to make sure that people keep clicking away.

C-Tates Jack

Haha, bomb, yo.

Of course, a couple H8TERZ were quick to point out that it should be “Jonah Hill and I,” but those losers don’t know that it should actually be YUNG JEEZY HEEZY N C-TATEZ, SON WHAT. Don’t make me school y’all in grammar again. Recognize.

*It actually already has approximately five times more views than both of those videos combined already, which is an absolute travesty of classic American hip hop music.

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