Channing Tatum Made A Parody Of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Volvo Ad

Ayo, who gots jokes? C-Tates got mad jokes, son. Channing Tatum, as you haters call him, is currently filming 22 Jump Street, and he and a couple crew members took a break to film their own version of Jean Claude Van Damme’s now viral Volvo ad in which he does a split on two trucks that are slowly moving in reverse. Was C-Tates able to pull off his own split on two equally large trucks? Nah son, but he ain’t need 2 step up 2 da splits like dat, nawmsayin? Nah, C-Tates B swingin dat big daddy kane n cain’t be doin splits, aight?

By the way, is it possible that Tatum was sending us all a message with this poorly written Tweet?

I think he was. C-Tates, son. Respek.