Channing Tatum Showed Rachel McAdams His Dong

02.01.12 6 years ago 31 Comments

"Yo, girl, peep this chicken."

Ever since our good friend C-Tates caught the comedy bug in the Vince Vaughn-Kevin James *fart noise* film The Dilemma, he just can’t stop trying to make people laugh. For starters, he teamed up with Jonah Hill to star in the upcoming potential blockbuster 21 Jump Street, and he’s also taking the main stage at 30 Rock this weekend for his first ever hosting duties of “Saturday Night Live.”

That’s why it came as little surprise when his co-star in the drama The Vow, Rachel McAdams, told Stella magazine in a recent interview that Tatum is quite the goof ball on the set. You could almost say he’s the king of *stifles laughter* dicking around!

“Channing got the props department to make a prosthetic, um, member,” the actress, 33, tells U.K magazine Stella of filming the upcoming movie’s nude scene.

“Literally a fake penis. I didn’t know what to do – I thought, ‘Is that the real deal?’ It was very realistic. It was ridiculous, the scale of it!” (Via People)

First of all, I can only picture McAdams adorably blushing and covering her mouth as she said member instead of penis or flesh kabob. But more importantly, she is the worst storyteller ever. Okay, he made a giant prosthetic dong. So what the hell did he do with it? Did he slap your face with it like you were a naughty girl? Did he run around with it between his legs while chanting, “Tater ‘bater”? Way to sit on the details, Regina George.

Thankfully, I’ve always got the hot line to Tatum’s Boost Mobile, so I hit those digits and asked the man, the myth, the legend and the hardest twirkin’ playboy in show B1ZNA$TEE why exactly he gave away his giant rod.

*record scratches…*

Mic 1, check… Yo I said, Mic 1 CHECK! AWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEAH, C-TATES IN THA MUTHA F*CKIN’ PENTHOUSE! Yo girl, you wanna know y C-Tates make a giant ding dong for his girl MC Adams? You gonna learn y now.

*Intro plays to “Freak Me”*

Yo girl, ‘scuse me, yo all girls… let C-Tates ax u a question…Do u wanna get freaky? Awww yeah.

Freak C, baby… freak C, baby…

Yo let C-Tates lick u up n down, til u say stop
Yo let C-Tates play wit u, baby, make u real hot
Yo let C-Tates do all the thing u want C 2 do
Cuz 2nite, yo girl, C-Tates wants 2 get freaky wit u!

Yo girl, but seriously, I ain’t gave her my real dick cuz like I save dat sh*t for my main boo, Jenna D-1. Much love 4 my boo and my mama. Respek.

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