Channing Tatum vs. Amnesia

“Yo, Amnesia, I challenge you to a dance off.”

The first trailer just hit for The Vow, a rom-dram starring Channing C-Tates Tatum and Rachel McAdams, who I like to imagine C-Tates calls “MC Adams.”  They play a pair of star-crossed young lovaahs whose perfect life is like one extended meet-cute, until one day, (*RECORD SCRATCH*)  — no no, stop freestyling, C-Tates, it’s just a trailer sound effect — they get in a car accident and she wakes up with no memory of him.  Seriously?  F*cking amnesia again? So from there, C-Tates has to keep re-proving his love, presumably through popping, locking, and upbeat-yet-heartfelt party raps.  Jeez, it’s like every morning, Hollywood wakes up with no memory of already making this movie 15 f*cking times.

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I think I know why C-Tates fell for her (Spoiler Alert: S’ALL ABOUT DA BOOTY MEAT, SON, SKEET SKEET!):

People keep telling me this was a butt double.  I have no hard evidence of that, so I’m going to keep pretending it wasn’t.  Meanwhile, this was not a double:

As Mark Wahlberg might say, POW!