Peep This: Channing Tatum’s Inside Look At ‘White House Down’

With his incredible run of three-consecutive $100 million movies over (unless 10 Years and its $120,000 gross pull off an Octoberfest miracle), Channing Tatum is in need of a super duper blockbuster. While the demand for a re-shoot of his death in GI Joe 2 – moved to 2013 – is a nice touch, it’s still a far cry from what our favorite rec-center-saving-former-stripper deserves. Thankfully, Columbia Pictures knows what we want and the studio has already fast-tracked Roland Emmerich’s White House Down.

Of course, White House Down was actually fast-tracked for a 2013 release because Sony Pictures will release the Hydrox-inspired Olympus Has Fallen (originally White House Taken) in 2014. In fact, here’s a fun game: See if you can guess which plot summary goes with which film.

A former Secret Service agent works to prevent a terrorist attack on the White House.

A Secret Service agent is tasked with saving the life of the U.S. President after the White House is overtaken by a paramilitary group.

The answer? Nobody knows.

But for the record, White House Down is based on a highly-sought-after script, written by James Vanderbilt, and it has Channing Tatum, so it should be perfectly clear that this is the version we will support. Tatum recently stopped by Entertainment Tonight to help build some more buzz for this action film – like it needs it with the awesome storyboards that we exclusively leaked – and I have to admit that I’m dude moist for this.

And normally this is where I’d interject with a message from my dear friend C-Tates, but I am afraid that he is not speaking to me right now, as a result of me saying that Eminem was better than MC Serch. I am trying to rectify this disagreement, and hopefully it will result in another storyboard very soon.

(H/T to /Film)