Channing Tatum’s ‘Son Of No One’ Has A New Trailer

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09.15.11 8 Comments

Last we heard about Channing Tatum’s upcoming The Son of No One, it was met with crappy reviews at Sundance, but that wasn’t going to stop our good friend C-Tates from becoming the hardest twerkin’ playa in da Hollyweird game. Sure, the movie still doesn’t have a release date in the U.S. and it is set to be released on DVD in Brazil in October, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily doomed.

At least it’s not stopping the studios from releasing a new HD trailer to try and change our minds. Granted, this trailer isn’t much different from the first one, and I’m pretty sure if you watch them both back-to-back you’ll figure out the entire plot, but that shouldn’t take away from the pure joy of experiencing a C-Tates joint. Besides, if you can’t at least giggle at the idea of Tatum’s character being named White, then I just can’t be friends with you anymore.

(Via Fandango)

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