Check Out The Final ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

05.22.13 5 years ago 30 Comments

In case you weren’t sold by the first, second, fifth, second to last, foreign language, or Taiwanese News Agency trailers, here is the final Man of Steel trailer to convince you to go see it when the film is finally released on June 14. You know, in case you choose not to go back and see The Internship for a fourth time, because you just can’t get enough of that zany Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson bromance.

In this latest trailer, we get the full General Zod treatment as he’s all like, “Stop hiding, Kal El” and Superman is all, “Come on, Zod, everyone calls me Superman here”. And then Superman yells a bunch while Zod makes us puny humans pay for hiding the Man of Steel.

And I see that people are still doing the stop and stare at the bad guys thing. When are we going to learn, people in movies?

Human curiosity is what makes me feel confident that I’ll be able to beat everyone to the space shuttle to the new Mars colony when the alien gods eventually come back to finish using our bodies as fuel cells. When people stop to look, who’s going to look stupid on these sweet rollerblades then?

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