Check Out The First Teaser For 5-Second Films’ ‘Dude Bro Party Massacre III’

You may remember our friends from 5-Second Films, who, through incredible hustle, managed to raise the cash to finance their first feature, Dude Bro Party Massacre III, written, directed, and starring the 5SF gang. In this first teaser, we get our first taste of how their comedy will translate to a feature-length parody of 80s slasher flicks set in the world of frat bros (a world near and dear to the hearts of me, Burnsy, Fergo, Bedpan, Black Steve, Landing Strip Lisa, Skidmark, and Jizzo – RIP, Blowjob Stacey). At the very least, they nailed the style. I’m sure it’ll be fine, after all, a feature is just six or seven thousand 5-second films strung together. I think, I’m not really good at math.

If it works out, we may even see Dude Bro Party Massacres I and II.