Check Out The ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Re-created With Minecraft As ‘Mine Of Steel’

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05.28.13 3 Comments

While nothing is ever going to top the incredible Beetlejuice roller coaster that I wrote about back in March, I’m still a sucker for almost any creative Minecraft videos. It’s strange, I don’t really even know anything about Minecraft, but they rank somewhere behind Kate Upton GIFs and Volcano Tacos as my favorite things to randomly write about.

This latest Minecraft clip, “Mine of Steel”, was created by “Steelehouse” and is a remake of the Man of Steel TV trailer. And I don’t know what it says about me, but Amy Adams in Minecraft kind of does it for me. Maybe that’s something I need to be bringing up with my therapist instead.

(H/T to Cinema Blend)

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