Check Out The Red Band Trailer For ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’

One of Paramount’s big surprises during its panel at San Diego Comic-Con today was some brand new footage from Hot Tub Time Machine 2. This time, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke are heading 10 years into the future to stop Lou from getting shot in the cock with a shotgun, and they’ll be joined along the way by Adam Scott, Gillian Jacobs and Jason Jones, among others. Will John Cusack and Lizzy Caplan show up at some point to complete the reunion? I guess we’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out, unless they are in the movie and someone ruins the surprise before then. In which case, the only fitting punishment is to blast them in the crotch with a shotgun.

WARNING: This is a red band trailer, which typically means that it has a bunch of curse words, but there are boobies in this trailer, so watch in appropriate venues only.

I’m not usually in favor of unnecessary sequels or comedy sequels in general, but Robinson singing “Stay” got a good laugh out of me. I’ll allow almost anything to be made if it involves Lisa Loeb. Also, I will absolutely watch Hot Tub Time Machine 3 if it involves them going back to the American Revolution.