Chet Haze is playing SXSWeezy, y’all

A week ago, I’d still be convinced this whole Chet Haze thing was an elaborate joke.  I mean, come on, if someone told you to think of the whitest, most un-street background for a fictional rapper, “son of Tom Hanks who attends Northwestern and is named Chet” would be right up there near the top behind one of the Duggars. (Though I could easily imagine a Juggalo Duggar).  He seems like the personification of the fictional persona Burnsy has created for C-Tates.  But to date, as far as anyone can tell, Chet Haze is serious.  Between almost-too-good-to-be-real Tweets such as:

  • “Nothin on my mind but the dimesack we blazed”
  • “Flippin thru an issue of The New Yorker right now feelin real Waspy lol”
  • “Red bull is the henessey of energy drinks”
  • and, “Traffic, traffic, looking for my chapstick”

…he announced via his recently-verified Twitter account that he’ll be playing the SXSW fest next month.  He also recently did an interview with Vice for which they met at a Whole Foods. The interviewer thinks Chet is for real, but possibly the “least self-aware person on Earth.”  Some excerpts from that:

Vice: Hi Chet. Tell me about yourself.
Chet Haze: I’m 20 years old, I’m a student at Northwestern University. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and er, I’m a rapper. I make hip-hop.

What are you studying?
Theater. [PERFORMANCE ART! -Ed.]

What made you decide to become a rapper?
It was out of my love and passion for hip-hop, it just happened. It wasn’t a conscious decision, there wasn’t like, a moment with me where I was like, this is what I wanna do. So, it is what I do ya know? I make music.

Talk me through a typical day for Chet Haze.
I go to my classes during the day, I spend some time just chilling, living the college life, doing the social thing. I’m in a fraternity, any other time I have I spend in the studio, making music.

We don’t have fraternities in the UK. I only really know what they are from movies. It’s a bunch of sporty people getting drunk from those red plastic cups and picking on nerds, right?
Haha, it’s basically a group of people who are all really good friends and they all have your back. Ya know?


Like a gang?
More like a social club. I would say.

What made you decide to release your mixtape on Valentine’s Day?
It’s a memorable date. And also because like, for girls, it can act as their Valentine’s Day gift.