‘Child Of God,’ James Franco’s Cormac McCarthy Necrophilia Movie Has A Trailer

‘Child of God’ is a Cormac McCarthy novel about a serial-killing necrophiliac who lives in a cave, and now it’s being turned into a movie by ‘Dicknose In Paris‘ auteur and polyhyphenate James Franco. Despite it being about a cave-dwelling corpse f*cker, Colin Hanks doesn’t play the lead, which instead went to Scott Haze. Who, unlike Colin, is no relation to Chet Haze. Double bummer there.

Nonetheless, according to the trailer, all sorts of folks have been raving about Haze’s performance, which is something critics tend to do when the movie itself isn’t that much worth talking about (currently 46% on RottenTomatoes). That’s a little inside baseball for you. I haven’t seen it yet, but Haze definitely has that extra-three-inches-of-skin-around-his-face look you associate with hill country. Another thing people from Hollywood or New York or Palo Alto tend to do when they’re making a movie about exotic country folk is to just cover all their faces in dirt. According to us coasties, everyone in the middle states is covered in dirt all of the time. Haze looks like he’s spent the first part of the movie making out with sand castles. You can almost hear the conversation that must’ve led up to it.

“The movie’s set in Tennessee? Gee, Brent, what do people even do in Tennessee?”

“Mining? I don’t know, I think they eat dirt clods or something. ”