Christian Bale Wrote On His Face To Support A Man With Cancer

There are people who still think of Christian Bale as “that guy who threw the temper tantrum on the set of that movie” because we’re always going to remember insane meltdowns in favor of random acts of kindness. But Bale has also had several moments since then that could have made him “that guy who visited the victims and first responders of the Aurora theater shooting” or “that guy who talked to a kid with leukemia about Batman for 10 minutes” or “that guy who took a kid with cancer to Disney Land.” Whether or not those three acts have to do with the tirade is kind of pointless by now, because Bale has never talked about why he decided to be an awesome guy and *grizzled voice* we’ll never have to thank him.

The American Hustle star added to his random acts of kindness this week, when he took a photo with the phrase “Dan’s Our Man” written on his face. The phrase has become the battle cry of 21-year old Danny Hammond, who has been living with astrocytoma, or a tumor on his spinal cord, since he was 9-years old. Friends, family members and Internet strangers have been posting photos with the “Dan’s Our Man” message and “God’s Got This” to Hammond’s Facebook page since it was created last week, but Bale’s photo certainly jumps out, especially with his message: “To a real superhero!”

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Bale has worked with Hammond’s cousin previously, and that’s how he learned about his condition. Maybe now we can call him “That guy who wrote on his face to show support for a stranger.”

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