Comments of the Week

That’s right, it’s comments of the week time again. I have shirts for the winners, provided he or she is one of the sizes I still have left, like medium or 3X. I’ll get a new batch printed at some point, but it’s a lot of money and work and if you know daddy, you know that daddy is lazy. In any case, we had another stand-out thread this week, specifically the Indian Hitler Store, in which you guys proved that no one can do Nazi puns like the FilmDrunkards. A sampling:

Stallonewolf: But their clothes are so kampfy!

William Palmer: This store certainly isn’t for the penny pinching types.

William Palmer: I went here for my mitzvah suit, and ended up going to camp as part of a promotional give away.

Whoisthisis: Their striped pyjamas are to die for.

Big_Heat_34: Hitler has a real eye for fascion.

Jessolido: An odd touch having candy & snacks at the front of the store. But sound reasoning behind it – customers Goebbel them right up!

Schultheiss: Their Luftwaffles are simply scrumptious paired with a glass of apple genocider.

Stallonewolf: You can actually find some pretty cute toddler clothes in Hitler Youth

Jesus Chrysler Super Car: I get my child’s clothing at OshKosh B’GAuschwitz.

Ace Rimmer: Casualty Friday is always a riot.

Jesus Chrysler Super Car: Not to be outdone, a man in Jaffna, Sri Lanka is opening a store named Mussolini. But they only sell Blackshirts.

Whoisthisis: The big problem with Mussolini clothing: hang-dry only

Duchess: But they do dry on time

Duchess: Hitler’s… if you can beat our prices I will shoot myself!

Torgo: Store policy is to answer the phone “Hi, Hitler”

*phone rings*

Wow. That truly brought out the best in you all. That entire thread was so good, I had to go searching for a winner elsewhere.

Your Winners: from the trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s Obama movie that ends with a family of black people fighting over a Monopoly game while Arab music plays:


“The son makes it happen, but he candidly admits he is only living out his father’s dream. The invisible father provides the inspiration, and the son dutifully gets the job done. America today is governed by a ghost.”

…If you want to paint him as an America-hating Muslim-type, it probably would be a good idea to not describe him so similarly to Jesus.

And your co-winner, Rawhead Wrecks with the callback in Tyler Perry’s studio is on fire again:

Rawhead Wrecks: Maybe Perry and his crew knocked over a lamp during a Monopoly game brawl.

That slayed me. Your honorable mentions:

From The Avengers opening scene shows New York coping with disaster:

Crapbasket: As the Capt. watched, a cabbie lobbed a half empty Starbucks coffee at a bike messenger on a fixie who had just cut him off and called him a “dumbf*ck tw*t.” A tear slowly fell from his eye as he knew that New York had healed.

From Real-Life Castaway lives with his sex doll on a deserted island:

Jacktion: In anagram news, “Gashleen” would be an awesome name for a sex doll.

From Shia LaBeouf sent his sex tapes to Lars Von Trier:

ChinoMoreno: Two in the pink, none in the stink :(

Aw, because Shia has no pinkie, get it? :-( indeed.

And finally, from Florida man with FAT BOY tattoo punches delivery boy who forgot his garlic knots:

Gracenote Jones: I’ve always used Garlic Knot as the gender opposite of Camel Toe.

That’s not even funny, so much as it is wise. Anyway, thanks for making this all a little more enjoyable to read, you guys.